My Passion | My Art Jewelry

Louise Little's jewelry explores ideas of color and texture by merging materials like glass, silver, copper, steel, gold, and gemstones.  Louise finds inspiration in the desert that surrounds her every day, and she melds that inspiration into wearable art.  Creating the desert in glass and metal.

louise little

I like to think of jewelry as tiny works of art.  

I think jewelry should speak to you;

But more importantly, jewelry should scream to the world exactly who you are.  

And if you are anything like me you can be a different person each and every day.  

So if you are my kindred spirit, my jewelry just might elevate your style and make you feel fabulous.

I create the glass beads.  

Each bead is created one at a time sometimes taking hours.  

I use the flame of a torch and I paint with molten glass, with my desert muse whispering in my ear.

I search for just the right gemstones.  I am lucky to live in Tucson and have Tucson’s annual International Gem and Jewelry Shows right in my backyard. Gemstones are used to enhance the glass in my work.

I fabricate the metal with texture and passion.  I like to keep up with the trends but my jewelry is not trendy.  

I am compulsive about my craft.  I am driven to learn – new techniques, new products, and new materials.

All together these elements come together to tell my story of the desert which captivates me.  I am connected to those who have been here before me.  And I pay homage to the earth who deserves our respect.

I create the desert in glass and metal.