Ciao 2017

I like to write a post that reflects on the past year.
It mostly for me – to gather my thoughts about what has transpired. 

~ So, 2017 proved to be a better year than 2016. ~

The first big event in 2017 came in February when our first grandchild was bornMy Story

Such a blessing.

He is helping me stay focused on my family.



In the spring, I attended a wonderful art history course on Michelangelo.  That experience has prompted us to plan a trip to Italy in 2018

I had to say goodbye to Homer this year. 

Ms Story

RIP Homer 2003 – 2017

He developed a heart murmur and passed away in April.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about him.

So, to get my dog fix I have been volunteering at the Humane Society.  We get up early on Saturday morning and walk dogs.   



I took some jewelry making classes.  One was in Coronado, CA with Robert Lopez.  Spectacular!

We hit the Big Apple in the summer and met some friends.  Theatre and great food and a ballet at the Lincoln Center.

Spent my husband’s birthday in Santa Fe, NM.  More great food.

And in September traveled to France, Spain and Portugal.  More great food.

I have been studying with Sam Patania – a master craftsman – here in Tucson.  So, my jewelry skills are developing nicely. 

I rebranded my website and opened a better online shopping experience – two things that were on my list to do.

I celebrated a milestone birthday.

Also got to visit Chicago where we lived in the 70’s and 80’s.  Scored tickets to Hamilton which is as good as all of its reviews.  Caught up with old friends.

So as the end of 2017 is approaching I feel very blessed.  I give thanks to my family and friends.  I especially want to say to my husband that I recognize his commitment to making me happy.  That goes a long way as we forge ahead in the 43rd  year of our marriage. 


I am thankful that there are still a million things I want to do and see in my lifetime.  If there wasn’t what would I have to look forward to?

I am thankful for all the wonderful teachers out there and for the opportunities I have to continue learning.

I am thankful for coming through a very difficult time in my life still filled with hope and optimism.

I am thankful that the difficult time helped build my strength and character and helped me learn a lot about myself.

It’s easy to be thankful for all the good things that happen to you.  But the mistakes and disappointments helped me to see the importance in all the little things each day.

I take nothing for granted.  Life can change in an instant.

So good bye 2017. 

Life is good

La Dolce Vita