Sorrow, saying sorry

Saying sorry  (spoiler alert – a rant is following)

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Definition of sorrow

1 : deep distress, sadness, or regret especially for the loss of someone or something loved
2 : a cause of grief or sadness
3 : a display of grief or sadness

Okay I cannot keep quiet about the fall of many high profile men who are being called out by woman for sexual misconduct committed in the past.  First of all yeah.  Better late than never.  I can understand the silence.  And in reading the accounts I am happy that finally several brave women have come forward and are saying – what happened to me is wrong and I need to speak out.  I cannot allow this behavior to continue.  I cannot condone the crime that was committed against me with silence.  I want the world to know what I have endured and that it was wrong.

Obviously I have been treated to a daily deluge of this kind of news now for many weeks.  Men who have abused their power by having committed an injustice to a fellow person and are now being called out.  So why did the Matt Lauer story induce this rant?

I like to watch CNN or MSNBC on the tv screen on the treadmills at LA Fitness. 

(I work out 4 days a week by walking 2 miles in 30 minutes at the LA fitness near me – yeah me) 

And today I was greeted with Matt Lauer saying 

“There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions,” Lauer said in a statement provided to CNN. “To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry. As I am writing this I realize the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home and at NBC.” 


Well, Matt Lauer , it is my opinion that you are not sorry for those acts that you have committed in the past that are now being brought to light.  You are sorry that you have been caught.  You have sorrow that people will now see you in a different light.  You are sorry that you have lost your job.  You are sorry that you feel humiliated now.  And you might be sorry to see the hurt you have caused to your loved ones.  BUT I believe that if Matt Lauer was “sorry” for what he did he might have considered telling the ones he loves about his misdeeds on his own without having been called out by his victims.  That brave action would allow me to have some empathy that perhaps he has reflected on his actions in the past and is appalled at what he has done and he is truly sorry.

And there are other men and woman out there right now.  Perhaps they have abused fellow workers or have cheated on their spouse.  But right now they are sitting there all comfy because that was in the past and I have gotten away with it – whatever it may be.  But let those actions come to light and I bet the “I’m sorrys ” would come pouring out of their mouths.

OK enough…..   you get my point.

What have I been up to?

Well I finished knitting a cowl which I took to Chicago with me.  It came in very handy.

knitted cowl


Someone said they didn’t like cowl scarfs because they hid your jewelry……  not so….


new tag




A Ritual is……. according to Webster

  1. of or relating to rites or a ritual :  ceremonial ritual dance

  2. according to religious law ritual purity

  3. done in accordance with social custom or normal protocol ritual handshakes 


I just finished reading an article in the Arizona Star of a high tech product that I didn’t know about, but now am fixated on buying…. Maybe.  

What is it?  A machine to brew tea.

a picture of a machine to brew tea


Really cool – right? 

Err…. but you might ask – what does that have to do with rituals?



I love tea.

I love to drink hot tea and iced tea.  I even drink hot tea in the summer.  I like to drink my hot tea from a porcelain tea cup that my Mom gave me.  I have had it for 30 years.  Drinking tea relaxes me.  So when I saw this machine that touts it brews the perfect cup of tea I got very interested.  And I started to think about my cup of tea and why it made me feel so good.

tea ritual

On a trip to Japan in the 80’s I attended a tea drinking ceremony, which I realize now is not about drinking the tea, but is a choreographed ritual of preparing the tea and interacting with the host.  It is about the aesthetics of the bowls, the pot and even the utensils.  And it’s about beauty and peace and serenity and reflection.

So, I think it’s more than just the tea that I love.  When I lived in Ohio and it was a rainy cold day (which happened a lot) my mother and I would have tea in the afternoon.  ( my Mom lived with us after my dad died)

She bought me a lovely wood box to hold my teabags.  We would get it down and choose which tea to have.  Then I would put on the kettle and we would sit and chat while the water boiled.  And chat some more while the tea steeped.  And finally, we would sip the tea before going back to real life.

I have liked to drink tea most of my life. I realize that when life dealt me things that were hard to deal with, sitting with a nice cup of tea helped me to sort things out.  Last summer – one year ago in fact, my husband and I went on what was supposed to be a fantastic holiday in Great Britain.  I drank a lot of tea there.


So back to the perfect tea brewing maching….

this high tech product is the Teforia Leaf  

It looks high tech and beautiful and graceful all at once.

It really appeals to me, but…

Do I really need a $400 gadget to brew tea?

Do I really want a whole new ritual for brewing tea?

Probably not…..

  But damn it looks so cool!

creating the desert in glass and metal


Catching My Eye This Week

catching my eye

Gerber Daisys 

eye catching

Yummy cupcake

eye catching

Great dress – and I love the earrings

eye catching

sophisticated cat

eye catching

Feathers…. I need to buy some feathers.

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creating the desert in glass and metal


Ciao (good bye) 2015

ciao 2015 - some photos

2015 in photos

So much to be thankful for in 2015

Good outcome for Jody’s surgery
Shopping the Tucson gem and jewelry shows … with great friends
road trip to Santa Fe … with great friends
Lovely trip to Venice
A tour of the Southwest National Parks…  with great friends
Blooming cacti all spring and summer
Reconnecting with old friends – 50th high school reunion in Amsterdam NY
a trip to Provence
Homer, my furry baby – who turned 12 years old
a Christmas trip on the Danube …  made some new friends
and a lovely quiet Christmas at home …albeit with a cold

It’s good to reflect on the past year and realize how blessed I am

Now I like to take a few days before the new year to contemplate and plan for the next year.

Ciao (hello) 2016

creating the desert in glass and metal


Another Saddle Ring

Saddle Ring for Barb

Saddle Ring – with the help of an online class

If you follow my blog you know that I have been making rings.  So when I saw an online class with Leslie Kail Villareal on making her Boho Ring – I signed up.  And I am so glad I did.  I am mainly a self taught metalsmith.  I see something I like, and I read and try to figure out how to accomplish it.  With Leslie’s class I watched her video which made the whole process seem so simple.  It was very challenging and I learned several techniques and improved on some I already had learned.  The ring above is a simple design commissioned by a friend.  She wanted a hammered ring with minimal embellishments.

Saddle ring - boho style

This ring mimicked Leslie’s design more closely.  The silver was etched.  The stone was set on curve.  Lots of embellishments were added.  It is quite the statement ring.

I also made this ring and the etching is the focal point

Inca saddle ring

I have another in the tumbler right now!

creating the desert in glass and metal


New from the studio

New work from the studio

New Work from the studio

The Painted Desert Bracelet – each one a journey of desert colors and textures.  What’s fun about these bracelets is the copper tubing with a bead that has a large hole. As you wear the bracelet that bead can slide back and forth and that movement just makes me happy.

This particular bracelet has two of my lampworked beads from the “opal’ series.  Perfect for October, as opal is the birthstone for October and the astrological sign Libra.  And  that’s me…. born in October and a true Libra.  The toggle is old world bronze – purchased at a wonderful bead store in Scottsdale, AZ – the Scottsdale Bead Supply.  The pearls have been in my stash for awhile – organic sticks drilled at the top in the most glorious shade of burgundy with flashes of peacock and purple.  Finished with some copper beads, Swarovski crystals, and Swarovski rhinestone rondelle beads.

Just put three of them in my Big Cartel Shop.

new work

creating the desert in glass and metal

Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Jewelry

The term bohemian or boho is commonly used to describe a particular style of individuality, typically in regards to clothing/accessories, but also in regards to lifestyle and mannerism. Bohemian style having traits of being hippyish, artistic/creative, alternative, minimalist, harmonious, calm and peaceful.

I like to think of Bohemian as an attitude and style that says free-spirited.  So I refer to some of my jewelry designs as slightly boho.  It is jewelry that tends to be a mix of different materials (albeit traditional items like semi precious stones, pearls, metal, and glass beads).  And they have a care free style to them.  While I sometimes work in matching sets, I prefer to create items that coordinate with each other.

Found Objects

I don’t usually add found objects to my jewelry.  I am not into making trendy pieces.  My designs tend to have a cleaner, minimal look.  So I have shied away from the steampunk look and  the vintage romantic look.  But while shopping with Gary Wilson at the Bead and Button Show one year I found a piece of a record label that he had cut – it said “Artista”; so I had to have it.  It’s been sitting in a drawer and I came across it while cleaning up the studio.  So I HAD to stop cleaning and make a piece.   I thought I was going to set it in silver, but decided to drill holes and just use it with other items in a beady creation.  Fall is here and I tend to like longer pieces to wear with sweaters.  So this is what I came up with.  A little different than my normal….  finished off with a lampworked bead of course.bohemian artista necklace

bohemian artista necklace 2

creating the desert in glass and metal

I’m running a contest

contest earrings

Contest on Facebook

A contest to win a pair of my dainty lampwork bead drop earrings.  I am a believer that less is more and these earrings give you a little pop of color.  So I decided in honor of the beginning of fall to give a pair away.  Go here to enter.  Tell your friends.  Contest ends Tuesday September 30, 2014.

creating the desert in glass and metal

Desert Trail

Desert Trail Bracelet Desert_Trail2


Studio Time – New Bracelet – Desert Trail

Just like a hike on a desert trail with stops to admire the scenery, this bracelet is a path of luscious lampworked beads.  I like to make beads that are richly saturated with hues of color inspired by the desert.  This is a 2-strand bracelet with each bead capped in sterling silver and separated by tubes of sterling.  It’s adjustable.  It’s classic yet edgy with the use of handmade lampworked beads.  The bracelet shown incorporates the blues and greens found in the desert, but also comes in several colorways.  A selection right now can be seen at Beyond the Torch Gallery and Studio in Phoenix, AZ.  The grand opening will be Saturday September 20, 2014.


the inspiration – the Sonoran Desert………………

Inspiration from desert hilkes


Desert Trails in Tucson

There are numerous trails to hike in Tucson.  There is a wonderful trail near my home on Pusch Ridge called the Linda Vista Loop.  Recently with all the monsoon rains that southern Arizona has been getting, I got to see the waterfall on the Ridge actually flow right from my front porch.  Here’s a photo taken by my neighbor from his telescope.  Waterfall Pusch ridge

creating the desert in glass and metal

Lariat Necklace

Urban Lariat


the lariat

lariat , also referred to as a lasso, is a loop of rope designed as a restraint to be thrown around a target and tightened when pulled. It is a well-known tool of the American cowboy.

The lariat is used today in rodeos as part of the competitive events, such as calf roping and team roping. It is also still used on working ranches to capture cattle or other livestock when necessary. After catching the cattle, the lariat can be tied or wrapped (dallied) around the horn, a typical feature on the front of a western saddle. With the lariat around the horn, the cowboy can use his horse as the equivalent of a tow truck with a winch.

Part of the historical culture of both the vaqueros of Mexico and the cowboys of the Western United States is a related skill now called “trick roping”, a performance of assorted lasso spinning tricks. Will Rogers was a well-known practitioner of trick roping and the natural horsemanship practitioner Buck Brannaman also got his start as a trick roper when he was a child.

the Urban Lariat

Is my savvy necklace of lampworked beads. Urban chic and cowboy inspired!  No tricky clasps.  Just slip the end in the lasso and you have a chic lariat necklace with a splash of color.  A perfect go to piece to wear every day.  I just listed some new colors that will be perfect for fall.   And I am working on the earrings and bracelets to match.

urban Lariat

I love wearing mine.

wearing an urban lariat

See whats available in my shop.