My Date with Gian Lorenzo Bernini – art, love, and inspiration


Well, it wasn’t an actual date date.  My husband went too.  LOL

It is a 6 week course that I am attending here in Tucson on the famous Italian sculptor.  Last spring we took a class on Michaelangelo; and it was fantastic.  That course inspired us to book a trip in 2018 to Italy which culminates in Rome with a private after hours tour of the Sistine Chapel.  This class on Bernini will help us discover all the statues and churches in Rome that we want to see. And of course will help us to appreciate what we are seeing much much more.

We usually travel with tour groups… our favorite being National Geographic and Tauck.  This upcoming trip is with Tauck, but we plan to add some time at the end to really enjoy Rome on our own.  We haven’t been to Rome in over 25 years.

Actually there are other areas of Italy we want to visit also – Florence being high on the list.  And that always brings me to a travel dilemma.  What is the perfect length of a trip?  Should we add the Florence visit to this vacation?  We will already be there and flying to Europe is a big undertaking.  But being gone too long is a problem for me.  And sometimes you just get overloaded with so much to see and do and frankly I get tired quicker now.  I am really trying to think this through.  I think that I would have to plan in some “rest” days to make a longer trip work.  Maybe even find a great spa and relax for a day or two.

I love art.  And I must say that those art history courses that I took way back in college were wasted.  I now have the time and much more appreciation to learn about the history of art and artists.  I am so thrilled to have these opportunities now in my life.  Plus travel always inspires my own art passion – art jewelry.  Plus there has to be glass beads there!!

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