Chicago – a weekend getaway to the windy city


Cold and crisp

The sun isn’t shining but the lake is beautiful. Right now we are on an architectural tour.

We are here for a long weekend.

A dose of the big city.


Shopping on Michigan Avenue also known as the Magnificent Mile.


Eating at some fine fine restaurants

Visiting with old friends.

And lucky to have tickets to Hamilton.

Plus a visit to the SOFA show.  No it’s not sofa’s for your living room.

It’s the  Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design show.

Also a visit to the Art Museum and possibly a walk around Hyde Park where we used to live ages ago.

Really having fun

English Trifle

picture of English Trifle

English Trifle and Memories

I just made dessert for our Christmas Eve dinner with our youngest daughter Jody and her husband tonight.  It’s an English trifle – but a little different this year.  I used pound cake, but I slathered it with lemon curd; and used peaches and raspberries this year (instead of strawberries).  This recipe did not call for a custard sauce; but I added that myself (or else hubby would be mad).  Later I will make the raspberry whipped cream.  My trifle bowl broke last year so instead I used this beautiful cut crystal bowl – from England.

I was first introduced to English trifle at a friend’s home during the Christmas holidays some 30 years ago.  We lived in Chicago at the time.  Our husbands worked together at the University of Chicago.  She had 2 boys around the same age as my 2 girls.  She was from England – new to Chicago.  And we had moved to Chicago for work.  So Chicago was new to me too.  It was the first time I lived in an inner city.  The area we lived in was Hyde Park and it was a small community surrounding the University on the edge of Lake Michigan.  Dee and I became fast friends.  We coffeed while our children played together at local parks.  We went swimming at the Lake in the summer and in the indoor pool at her high rise apartment building in the winter.  We exercised together.  We would take the train downtown for a day’s shopping or for a visit to Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Salon – to help with our sanity.  We both “tolerated” Hyde Park  and the cold and snow of Chicago.  Our friendship helped.

But then they moved to California and a year or so later we moved to Nevada.  We still keep in touch but it’s not the same.  And Dee’s husband died a little over a year ago.  But the trifle tonight will bring back those days.  And funny –  I can’t really remember that biting cold or mounds of snow, or howling wind.  Or the dirty inner city streets of Chicago.  I remember being blessed to have such a wonderful friendship.  Blessed for those years that helped to form me as I am today.  All that and dessert too.  Merry Christmas.