Thunder and Bead Crochet

Raining in Tucson photo


Did you know that thunder only happens when it’s raining? It’s thundering right now here in Tucson. And it is trying very hard to rain; little splashes of water, not really a steady rain. Now that I wrote that I am reminded of the song by Fleetwood Mac…”Dreams”. Funny what triggers a memory. Are all those song lyrics stored up there in my brain? Now I can’t get that song out of my mind.

I am home from a glorious 2 week vacation and I am trying to catch up – with mail, with email, with sleep. I need to get into the studio to make some beads, but I have been sidetracked with some bead crochet. I have a love hate relationship with those tiny little seed beads. I love them and I hate that they keep me from doing what I should do….. but I’m the boss right? Plus I usually add my lampworked beads to the crocheted ropes. Haven’t done one in awhile and have some new ideas…. I just finished a 24 inch rope that I plan to wear as a bracelet, but I feel the need to have a coordinating necklace too. This piece was worked in bead crochet as opposed to crocheting with beads. There is a difference. But I will leave that explanation for another day. The colors are yummy – the expensive delicas… 24 carart over glass.

Bead Crochet Bracelet

Production mode in the Studio

soldered jumpring on a lobster clasp

So this looks like just a lobster clasp and a jump ring….  and it is.  But part of my production routine for some of the bracelets I make is to solder this jump ring.  I like to do this because a bracelet gets lots of wear and can catch on things as it is worn; so this joint is very vulnerable .  The soldered jump ring helps to avoid a breakage.  I like to make up a dozen or so of these clasps and jump rings so when I am ready to make a lampwork bead bracelet I don’t have to stop and solder.  I end this type of bracelet with about an inch of 1 on 1 chain maille; but I don’t solder these jump rings because I want to be able to customize the length of the bracelet for client.  Here’s an example of a this type of bracelet.

lampwork bead bracelet

The Desert is my Inspiration

Some days when I sit down to make lampworked beads I know exactly what I need or want to make.  Other days I pull out some rods and just start to experiment.  Recently I ended up with some purple beads with raised dots.  Just enough for a bracelet.

Purple BraceletThen as I waked back to the house from my studio I noticed this plant in the backyard…

Purple Prickly PearThe desert as my inspiration – again.

The purple prickly pear doesn’t have as many spines as other species and it has a slight jasmine scent which attracts nocturnal insects.  In the spring it produces awesome yellow blooms and then the famous fruit follows later in the summer.  The purple color intensifies in our cooler winter weather.