Saddle Rings

Everybody knows that a saddle is a supportive structure for a rider, fastened to an animal’s back.  It is an iconic symbol of the west.



Interpreting the West in Jewelry

Saddle rings are an interpretation of this western icon and many saddle rings are set with turquoise and have even been dubbed the “Western cocktail ring”.  (photo from internet)

saddle ring with turquoise


My Saddle Ring

I have just finished reorganizing my metals studio, and it is a pleasure to work in again without all the clutter.  Here is a saddle ring that I just finished.  It has 2 pieces of textured metal with a circle of twisted wire separating them.  The band was created separately and soldered on.  I plan to create the next ring as one piece.

saddle ring by Louise Little

The 2 pieces of metal were sweat soldered together.  I love taking online classes to help me perfect techniques.  And I just finished a course with Connie Fox on sweat soldering.  The course helped me to finesse my execution of some simple sweat soldering joins.  The class is on Craft University if you want to check it out.

Can’t wait to make another.

creating the desert in glass and metal

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