Production mode in the Studio

soldered jumpring on a lobster clasp

So this looks like just a lobster clasp and a jump ring….  and it is.  But part of my production routine for some of the bracelets I make is to solder this jump ring.  I like to do this because a bracelet gets lots of wear and can catch on things as it is worn; so this joint is very vulnerable .  The soldered jump ring helps to avoid a breakage.  I like to make up a dozen or so of these clasps and jump rings so when I am ready to make a lampwork bead bracelet I don’t have to stop and solder.  I end this type of bracelet with about an inch of 1 on 1 chain maille; but I don’t solder these jump rings because I want to be able to customize the length of the bracelet for client.  Here’s an example of a this type of bracelet.

lampwork bead bracelet

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