New from the studio

New work from the studio

New Work from the studio

The Painted Desert Bracelet – each one a journey of desert colors and textures.  What’s fun about these bracelets is the copper tubing with a bead that has a large hole. As you wear the bracelet that bead can slide back and forth and that movement just makes me happy.

This particular bracelet has two of my lampworked beads from the “opal’ series.  Perfect for October, as opal is the birthstone for October and the astrological sign Libra.  And  that’s me…. born in October and a true Libra.  The toggle is old world bronze – purchased at a wonderful bead store in Scottsdale, AZ – the Scottsdale Bead Supply.  The pearls have been in my stash for awhile – organic sticks drilled at the top in the most glorious shade of burgundy with flashes of peacock and purple.  Finished with some copper beads, Swarovski crystals, and Swarovski rhinestone rondelle beads.

Just put three of them in my Big Cartel Shop.

new work

creating the desert in glass and metal

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