Flush stone setting

Flush Stone Setting – Learning a New Technique

I enjoy learning new techniques when making jewelry.  So often I will design a project that incorporates a technique I would like to try.  I wrote about my new series called 4 corners and the first piece I designed was a ring.  I decided it needed a little bling and decided it needed a stone.  More specifically it needed a small stone which would be flush set.

flush setting

Flush stone setting is definitely an advanced stone setting technique.  So I really read as many articles about this technique that I could.  I especially liked a video by Nancy Hamilton, and an article on the ganoksin site by Gerald Lewy.  Then I practiced on some copper.  And finally attempted the setting on the ring.  I definitely need a little more practice.  Measurements and drilling need to be very accurate.  And next time I would drill the original hole for the setting before I formed the ring.  I couldn’t finish the hole on the inside of the ring the way it should have been.  But overall I am happy.  I did drill the hole with the stone setting burr just a tad too large and was forced to apply a little chemical bond to make sure the stone stays put.  So this ring will end up in my jewelry stash.  But I am very happy with the design and have more rings in progress on the bench right now.  I also designed the ring with an adjustable band so that it will be easier to fit.  And there is a pendant and bracelet and earrings designed now too.  Hope to have them in my shop mid January.

flush stone setting

flush stone setting

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