The Tucson Desert is Always Interesting – it’s my desert inspiration

There is always something blooming in the desert around Tucson.  On our walks around our neighborhood I saw a bush like tree with yellow pom pom blooms.  Come to find out it is a Whitehorn acacia tree.  It really is beautiful.

blooming desert


And just across the street from us we have been watching a bird build her nest.  I forget though is it the female or the male that builds the nest? Anyway it has been fascinating to watch although I don’t think she chose a very good spot.  It did survive the heavy rain last night.

blooming desert

Speaking of rain the monsoons have been awesome this year.  And I am pleased that even though we have had some heavy rains the wash on our property has not overflowed.  That always makes a mess when it does that.

Out in the Studio

I have been in the studio pretty much every day last week.  I decided to add some gold to a collection of sterling silver pendants that I’m working on.  Here’s a video that I shot of the process that I used. 


Can’t wait to open my new shop this September.  I have been working on pieces that really bring me joy.

creating the desert in glass and metalIf you just found my blog I invite you to follow me – you will learn about my processes, my inspiration, and a little about me.  (I post about twice a week).  My tribe of kindred spirits are a group of remarkable people.  It’s fun to be of the journey of life with people who inspire me to be a better person.  

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