Cuff Bracelet

Arizona cuff bracelet

Cuff Bracelet

I really learned a lot with this cuff bracelet project.  I got to use my new guillotine shear from Rio Grande.  I modified a font in Word – so the letters would all touch.  I sawed the word in brass and then riveted it to the sterling silver cuff.

Recently I took an online class to learn cold connections – with Connie Fox.  I also wanted to make a cuff bracelet.  So I sawed out the word “Arizona” in brass.  ( this was a project in Art Jewelry Magazine) That was good practice!  And then I riveted the brass onto a sterling silver cuff – learned that you form the cuff, and then rivet; otherwise the holes would distort.  (thank you Cristina Leonard and Gail Lannum).  I oxidized the silver for a nice contrast with the brass.  And I just love how this piece came together.

It’s fun to find time in the studio to just play…  maybe I should have titled this “what I did on my Christmas vacation”….

creating the desert in glass and metal

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