A Desert Bloom Cabochon statement necklace

My desert bloom beads were a cornerstone of my business for years.  I can’t put a number on how many I sold.  So this necklace is special to me, and even though I call it a desert bloom it is made a little differently than my original bead.

It started out with a murrine.  

What is a murrine you ask?

Murrine are colored patterns or images made in a glass cane that are revealed when the cane is cut into thin cross-sections. Murrine can be made in infinite designs from simple circular or square patterns to complex detailed designs to even portraits of people.  They take a long time to make.  So I take a day to make murrine at the torch and then cut the cane into usable size pieces. 

Then on another day I sit at the torch and make cabs or beads and in the torch I add the murrine to the piece.

So you can see this necklace takes a lot of planning.

When the cab comes out of the kiln it is ready to use as you would any gemstone cabochon.  So I set out to set it in silver….


I made this pendant so it can hang on a chain.  I put it on a coiled wire neck piece that I am fond of wearing.



It’s part of the Recherché Collection


Making a glass cabochon pendant – Part 2

So these videos explains a little more about the process to get the glass cab ready to set.


Wearing the finished piece……………….


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Large glass pendant – stone on stone setting

I make glass beads. 

And I make glass cabochons. 

Sometimes the glass comes out of the kiln and is not to my perfection. 

So sometimes I take steps to “fix” the piece so I can use it in a piece of jewelry. 

It’s not flawed – it just needs a little help to become perfect

That is called coldworking

So I will first show you the finished necklace.


The glass cabochon colors are exquisite – for my taste. 

That center is a dusky silvery plum surrounded by a earthy neutral beige with lots of shading.

Looks like it was dug up out of the earth and polished

But…..  when it came out of the kiln it had some problems.

Nothing I couldn’t fix……  

Stay tuned………

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Statement necklace with glass cabochon that sparkles

The glass cabochon on this piece is spectacular with lots of dichroic glass sparkle

It is set in sterling silver with 22K gold accents.



statment necklace-sterling-dichroic-pendant-glass-cabochon

Shop it here

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lampwork and sterling silver statement neckaces

I have been busy in the studio building up my inventory for a show I will be doing in Tucson January 20-21.  If you live in Tucson I hope to see you there.

La Encantada Fine Art Festival

I will have 12 necklaces from my newest collection – called recherché.  Roughly translated from the French it means exquisite and rare.  Most of them in this grouping are one of a kind.  They have a lampworked cabochon that I made that cannot be duplicated exactly or they contain a special stone.  There is a short and long version of the teardrop necklace without enhancements.  Here is a glimpse.



I will describe each piece in more detail in separate posts.

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