Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Jewelry

The term bohemian or boho is commonly used to describe a particular style of individuality, typically in regards to clothing/accessories, but also in regards to lifestyle and mannerism. Bohemian style having traits of being hippyish, artistic/creative, alternative, minimalist, harmonious, calm and peaceful.

I like to think of Bohemian as an attitude and style that says free-spirited.  So I refer to some of my jewelry designs as slightly boho.  It is jewelry that tends to be a mix of different materials (albeit traditional items like semi precious stones, pearls, metal, and glass beads).  And they have a care free style to them.  While I sometimes work in matching sets, I prefer to create items that coordinate with each other.

Found Objects

I don’t usually add found objects to my jewelry.  I am not into making trendy pieces.  My designs tend to have a cleaner, minimal look.  So I have shied away from the steampunk look and  the vintage romantic look.  But while shopping with Gary Wilson at the Bead and Button Show one year I found a piece of a record label that he had cut – it said “Artista”; so I had to have it.  It’s been sitting in a drawer and I came across it while cleaning up the studio.  So I HAD to stop cleaning and make a piece.   I thought I was going to set it in silver, but decided to drill holes and just use it with other items in a beady creation.  Fall is here and I tend to like longer pieces to wear with sweaters.  So this is what I came up with.  A little different than my normal….  finished off with a lampworked bead of course.bohemian artista necklace

bohemian artista necklace 2

creating the desert in glass and metal

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