a sparkle is innumerable moving points of bright light.

I finished this druzy pendant into a beautiful statement piece perfect for the holiday.  The chain is handmade and is not detachable from the pendant.  


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A gleam is a steady light against a dark background.  The fifth pendant in the druzy series.  A tiny oval.  the silver is accented with 23K gold.  Perfect for the holidays.







the video

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Glitter – brilliant sparkling

Pendant number 4.  this druzy is marquis shape – so chic.



Watch the video

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Glimmer – is a faint or wavering light.

This is the third pendant in the series.




See the glimmer in the video

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A sudden outburst of bright light.

The druzy is gorgeous.  The piece is embellished with 23K gold.



Here’s the video


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Glint – a cold glancing light

This is a second pendant in the druzy series.  It is a teardrop shape which I have been in love with lately.  It is embellished with a beautiful 4mm blue topaz.





Watch it glint in the video………..


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It’s December. 

Wow another year coming to a close.

It’s time for reflection. 

And it’s a time to look ahead.

It’s a time of joy

and it’s a time of melancholy.

But this year – for sure – more joy….

And….  a little sparkle really brings me joy


Glisten: a soft sparkle

I just finished a series of pendants.  Last year I found some druzy at the gem and jewelry shows.

(Druzy is the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a colorful mineral.)

If you didn’t know…..the desert glistens.

I found this photograph on the internet (credit: Jacob W Frank) and find it unbelievably beautiful.

glisten in the desert

The druzy that I used in these pendants is not dyed.  It is natural – which I think makes it even more beautiful.  And it looks just like this night sky.  The still photos don’t show the sparkle – make sure to watch the video





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Sorrow, saying sorry

Saying sorry  (spoiler alert – a rant is following)

(skip to the bottom to see something jewelry related)

Definition of sorrow

1 : deep distress, sadness, or regret especially for the loss of someone or something loved
2 : a cause of grief or sadness
3 : a display of grief or sadness

Okay I cannot keep quiet about the fall of many high profile men who are being called out by woman for sexual misconduct committed in the past.  First of all yeah.  Better late than never.  I can understand the silence.  And in reading the accounts I am happy that finally several brave women have come forward and are saying – what happened to me is wrong and I need to speak out.  I cannot allow this behavior to continue.  I cannot condone the crime that was committed against me with silence.  I want the world to know what I have endured and that it was wrong.

Obviously I have been treated to a daily deluge of this kind of news now for many weeks.  Men who have abused their power by having committed an injustice to a fellow person and are now being called out.  So why did the Matt Lauer story induce this rant?

I like to watch CNN or MSNBC on the tv screen on the treadmills at LA Fitness. 

(I work out 4 days a week by walking 2 miles in 30 minutes at the LA fitness near me – yeah me) 

And today I was greeted with Matt Lauer saying 

“There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions,” Lauer said in a statement provided to CNN. “To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry. As I am writing this I realize the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home and at NBC.” 


Well, Matt Lauer , it is my opinion that you are not sorry for those acts that you have committed in the past that are now being brought to light.  You are sorry that you have been caught.  You have sorrow that people will now see you in a different light.  You are sorry that you have lost your job.  You are sorry that you feel humiliated now.  And you might be sorry to see the hurt you have caused to your loved ones.  BUT I believe that if Matt Lauer was “sorry” for what he did he might have considered telling the ones he loves about his misdeeds on his own without having been called out by his victims.  That brave action would allow me to have some empathy that perhaps he has reflected on his actions in the past and is appalled at what he has done and he is truly sorry.

And there are other men and woman out there right now.  Perhaps they have abused fellow workers or have cheated on their spouse.  But right now they are sitting there all comfy because that was in the past and I have gotten away with it – whatever it may be.  But let those actions come to light and I bet the “I’m sorrys ” would come pouring out of their mouths.

OK enough…..   you get my point.

What have I been up to?

Well I finished knitting a cowl which I took to Chicago with me.  It came in very handy.

knitted cowl


Someone said they didn’t like cowl scarfs because they hid your jewelry……  not so….


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My Date with Gian Lorenzo Bernini – art, love, and inspiration


Well, it wasn’t an actual date date.  My husband went too.  LOL

It is a 6 week course that I am attending here in Tucson on the famous Italian sculptor.  Last spring we took a class on Michaelangelo; and it was fantastic.  That course inspired us to book a trip in 2018 to Italy which culminates in Rome with a private after hours tour of the Sistine Chapel.  This class on Bernini will help us discover all the statues and churches in Rome that we want to see. And of course will help us to appreciate what we are seeing much much more.

We usually travel with tour groups… our favorite being National Geographic and Tauck.  This upcoming trip is with Tauck, but we plan to add some time at the end to really enjoy Rome on our own.  We haven’t been to Rome in over 25 years.

Actually there are other areas of Italy we want to visit also – Florence being high on the list.  And that always brings me to a travel dilemma.  What is the perfect length of a trip?  Should we add the Florence visit to this vacation?  We will already be there and flying to Europe is a big undertaking.  But being gone too long is a problem for me.  And sometimes you just get overloaded with so much to see and do and frankly I get tired quicker now.  I am really trying to think this through.  I think that I would have to plan in some “rest” days to make a longer trip work.  Maybe even find a great spa and relax for a day or two.

I love art.  And I must say that those art history courses that I took way back in college were wasted.  I now have the time and much more appreciation to learn about the history of art and artists.  I am so thrilled to have these opportunities now in my life.  Plus travel always inspires my own art passion – art jewelry.  Plus there has to be glass beads there!!

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You can never have too many earrings – right?

Okay I’m in the Black Friday mood….

So what is planned?

How about an earring sale…..

So the event this year for my shop this coming Black Friday weekend is Earrings.

You can never have too many earrings – right?

And for Black Friday weekend all the earrings in my shop will be 50% off…..  

Do you like Sparkle????????????????/

sparkle earrings

Or perhaps a nice geometric????


or are you a little bit BOHO???



These and more…… 

Starts Friday November 24 9:00 am MST

ends Monday November 27th midnight 

The code is  50OFF.

Here’s the link

Tell your friends!

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