sterling silver chain necklace – Jane

This necklace might be unadorned, but it is anything but plain. 

The fabulous Jane necklace – interlocking teardrops of sterling silver. 

In long or short versions.statement -necklace-chain-teardrop-sterling


sterling-silver-dtatement-chain-teardropsterling-silver chain-necklace-style-fashion

Reminiscent of a solitary raindrop or a shining bead of morning dew

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lampwork and sterling silver statement neckaces

I have been busy in the studio building up my inventory for a show I will be doing in Tucson January 20-21.  If you live in Tucson I hope to see you there.

La Encantada Fine Art Festival

I will have 12 necklaces from my newest collection – called recherché.  Roughly translated from the French it means exquisite and rare.  Most of them in this grouping are one of a kind.  They have a lampworked cabochon that I made that cannot be duplicated exactly or they contain a special stone.  There is a short and long version of the teardrop necklace without enhancements.  Here is a glimpse.



I will describe each piece in more detail in separate posts.

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casual chic statement necklace


I am really loving these necklaces.

I wore it all dressed up over the holidays….  but I also wear it with jeans.



I have named the collection – recherché – which means exquisite, choice, exotic and rare.  I am making them with glass cabochons that I flamework in the torch.  And sometimes I use a particularly fine stone that have acquired over the years.  Some are minimal like the one I am wearing and some of them are a little more showy.  Most of them are on the teardrop chain that I have become enamored with.  

They will be in the shop mid January.  

They will also be at the show I am doing in Tucson on January 20 – 21 at Las Encanatada Shopping Center.  If you live in Tucson I hope you stop by to say hello.


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Ciao 2018

ciao 2018

If you have been following my blog you know that I do not sit down and write out a bunch of resolutions for the new year.  Instead I choose a word to help keep me on track with my life and my business. 

So again this year I have 2 words…

For my personal life the word is 



Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) teaches mindfulnessskills to help individuals live and behave in ways consistent with personal values while developing psychological flexibility.

Practitioners of ACT help individuals recognize ways in which their attempts to suppress, manage, and control emotional experiences create challenges. By recognizing and addressing these challenges, individuals can become better able to make room for values-based actions that support well-being.  

For my art and business the word is
the process of increasing in physical size
No , I do not want my body to undergo any growth; but for my business I am going to make marketing a priority.  Last year I rebranded.  And in my 5 year plan this is the year to increase my online presence and to start to do some shows again.
And my first show in Tucson is January 20th and 21st.  
I wish you all the very happiest of new years.
I am off to eat some black eyed peas….  they are for good luck!
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Ciao 2017

I like to write a post that reflects on the past year.
It mostly for me – to gather my thoughts about what has transpired. 

~ So, 2017 proved to be a better year than 2016. ~

The first big event in 2017 came in February when our first grandchild was bornMy Story

Such a blessing.

He is helping me stay focused on my family.



In the spring, I attended a wonderful art history course on Michelangelo.  That experience has prompted us to plan a trip to Italy in 2018

I had to say goodbye to Homer this year. 

Ms Story

RIP Homer 2003 – 2017

He developed a heart murmur and passed away in April.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about him.

So, to get my dog fix I have been volunteering at the Humane Society.  We get up early on Saturday morning and walk dogs.   



I took some jewelry making classes.  One was in Coronado, CA with Robert Lopez.  Spectacular!

We hit the Big Apple in the summer and met some friends.  Theatre and great food and a ballet at the Lincoln Center.

Spent my husband’s birthday in Santa Fe, NM.  More great food.

And in September traveled to France, Spain and Portugal.  More great food.

I have been studying with Sam Patania – a master craftsman – here in Tucson.  So, my jewelry skills are developing nicely. 

I rebranded my website and opened a better online shopping experience – two things that were on my list to do.

I celebrated a milestone birthday.

Also got to visit Chicago where we lived in the 70’s and 80’s.  Scored tickets to Hamilton which is as good as all of its reviews.  Caught up with old friends.

So as the end of 2017 is approaching I feel very blessed.  I give thanks to my family and friends.  I especially want to say to my husband that I recognize his commitment to making me happy.  That goes a long way as we forge ahead in the 43rd  year of our marriage. 


I am thankful that there are still a million things I want to do and see in my lifetime.  If there wasn’t what would I have to look forward to?

I am thankful for all the wonderful teachers out there and for the opportunities I have to continue learning.

I am thankful for coming through a very difficult time in my life still filled with hope and optimism.

I am thankful that the difficult time helped build my strength and character and helped me learn a lot about myself.

It’s easy to be thankful for all the good things that happen to you.  But the mistakes and disappointments helped me to see the importance in all the little things each day.

I take nothing for granted.  Life can change in an instant.

So good bye 2017. 

Life is good

La Dolce Vita


Mittens and Rings

Well, believe it or not it has gotten a little chilly here in Tucson.  In fact there was a layer of frost on the chaise lounge this morning.  And I think we might even have a freeze as temps are predicted to fall to the high 20’s at night this week.

Which brings me to “Mittens and Rings”.


I knitted these!!!!

I love fingerless mittens because they allow me to wear my rings, show them off and still stay warm.

This pair was a kit from Knit-Purl in Portland Oregon.

They are cashmere and really luxurious.


The ring is turquoise and silver. 

From this collection last January…


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I have been busy designing a new collection – recherche

I’m supposed to be designing my spring collection….   well it’s designed, so I just have to get out there and make what is on paper. 

But in the meantime…. I have these exquisite glass cabochons that I make

and a bunch of them have been sitting there on the bench… for about a year now. 

I originally was going to make lots and lots of rings, but I decided to go with some necklaces. 

And more importantly a necklace at a price point that is affordable for an every day piece.  A “go to” piece. 

One that you would wear with your jeans or whatever you wear to hang out at home. 

Of course these pieces would also look good with your workday outfit if getting up and going to the office is your daily activity. 

I even tried one out at the gym.



Definition of recherché

 exquisite, choice
 exotic, rare
I think these are exquisite.  They are bold yet minimal at the same time.
And the “stone” is a glass cab – so no 2 will ever be exactly the same…. therefore rare
The glass used in this cab is a black glass from Italy that is loaded with silver so when you work it in the flame all sorts of gorgeous colors appear.  And the glass gets a matte finish…. sometimes.  
This one is over the top beautiful.
I am going to try to get a better photo of just the glass.
The chain is sterling silver in a nice heavy gauge
It’s a tear drop shape.
I plan to make ovals and rounds and even squares
but I chose the tear drop to start because of it’s special meaning to me.
There is even a plain one – to layer.
Want to know when they hit the shop?
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The Sparkle Collection

They are all in the shop now

Click here


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a sparkle is innumerable moving points of bright light.

I finished this druzy pendant into a beautiful statement piece perfect for the holiday.  The chain is handmade and is not detachable from the pendant.  


It’s in the shop

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A gleam is a steady light against a dark background.  The fifth pendant in the druzy series.  A tiny oval.  the silver is accented with 23K gold.  Perfect for the holidays.







the video

It’s in the shop


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