A Lampworked bead a day

Lampworked Beads – my challenge to myself – again

I have always thought of myself as a glass bead artist ever since I started making beads in 1997.  I used to make jewelry before I started to make glass beads, but once I learned the art of lampworking I was obsessed with glass.  I made beads and sold beads.  Occasionally I would make a piece of jewelry.

Years went by and suddenly jewelry sparked my interest again, but I wanted to incorporate metals into my designs so I set out to learn metal smithing techniques and glass bead making was fit in now and again.

Now I want to incorporate it all into my jewelry designs.  So my challenge to myself is to make a lampworked bead a day.  I want to go back to my original bead designs and remake them to fit into the jewelry I want to make today.

So I plan to post my progress here…  as a diary for me… and maybe of some interest to those who stop by.

My intentions is to concentrate on one thing and explore it fully – to find my voice and to enjoy the journey.  Along the way I will put some of my creations up for sale in my shop, but I will not make things just to sell them.  The pieces I make will be special to me…..

So here is bead #1.  It is why I started to learn glass beadmaking in the first place.  It was the start of taking inspiration from the desert and creating it in the studio.  I called the technique Nevada Silver as fine silver foil is wrapped around clear glass.  The result is earthy with a hint of a sparkle.  The design is a “Desert Bloom”.

Lampworkd bead 1

the inspriation

Desert Bloom

creating the desert in glass and metal


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