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A Desert Bloom Cabochon statement necklace

My desert bloom beads were a cornerstone of my business for years.  I can’t put a number on how many I sold.  So this necklace is special to me, and even though I call it a desert bloom it is made a little differently than my original bead.

It started out with a murrine.  

What is a murrine you ask?

Murrine are colored patterns or images made in a glass cane that are revealed when the cane is cut into thin cross-sections. Murrine can be made in infinite designs from simple circular or square patterns to complex detailed designs to even portraits of people.  They take a long time to make.  So I take a day to make murrine at the torch and then cut the cane into usable size pieces. 

Then on another day I sit at the torch and make cabs or beads and in the torch I add the murrine to the piece.

So you can see this necklace takes a lot of planning.

When the cab comes out of the kiln it is ready to use as you would any gemstone cabochon.  So I set out to set it in silver….


I made this pendant so it can hang on a chain.  I put it on a coiled wire neck piece that I am fond of wearing.



It’s part of the Recherch√© Collection