Alexander Calder

The artist

Alexander Calder was an American sculptor known as the originator of the mobile, a type of moving sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended shapes that move in response to touch or air currents.  

Calder also created over 2,000 pieces of jewelry over the course of his career, many of them as gifts for friends and relatives. They were mostly made of brass and steel, with bits of ceramic, wood and glass. Calder rarely used solder; when he needed to join strips of metal, he linked them with loops, bound them with snippets of wire or fashioned rivets.   I love the organic look of Calder’s jewelry.

Some other interesting facts about Calder that you might not know…

  • he was commissioned to paint a Douglas jetliner for Braniff airlines in 1972 calder
  • in 1975 he painted a BMW car which became the beginning of the BMW ar ar projectcalder
  • he gave Peggy Guggenheim huge mobile earringscalser

Calder – Mobile exhibition at the Whitney Museum, NYC 2017

We spent a week vacationing in NYC last week.  And one of the highlights was a visit to the Whitney Museum to see an exhibit of some of Calder’s mobiles.



I think I even got some inspiration for jewelry from seeing these mobiles.

creating the desert in glass and metal