Petroglyph Bracelet


Rock art that has been chipped, pecked or etched into a rock surface, into the dark “desert varnish,” or stains, created by runoff of water, is called a “petroglyph.” Rock art, like writing, may have served as storytelling symbols. It was a tangible attempt to portray human hopes and fears and beliefs in something more lasting than the spoken word. Each piece of rock art is like a verse in the long poem of our attempt to come to grips with the elements of both the physical and spiritual landscape in which we live. Rock art creates those verses in stone.

I like to incorporate petroglyphs in my glass beads and jewelry.  Back in 2007 I designed a bracelet which won an award for design.  I had lots of rock art images.

Petroglyph bracelet award

Today I am revisiting those designs and have made another petroglyph bracelet.  This one is fine silver with 22K gold and a beautiful rose cut sapphire from India.

Petroglyph bracelet

This bracelet has a dark patina and a matte finish which really shows off the gold.

creating the desert in glass and metal


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