Lampworked Disk Bead

What I love about lampworking glass beads ~ besides being mesmerized by the flame ~ is that I can sit down and make any shape bead that I want and any color bead.  Possibilities are overwhelming.  I have been lampworking for 21 years – omg – that means that some beads I still have are of drinking age…

Shapes for my designer jewelry

A popular shape for a lampworked bead is a disk bead.  Sometimes a disk bead is made by carefully wrapping the hot glass in a single thin coil without melting the coils in.  And sometimes the coils are melted in for a nice smooth disk bead.  And of course my disk beads take on a more organic shape.  I used to find these shaped beads a little challenging to use in my jewelry designs.  Sometimes with this type of bead it is best to showcase the “side” of the bead.  But I have now designed several designer jewelry pieces around this shape.

Recently, I found this drawing somewhere on the internetdisk drawing

So I immediately went out to the studio and made some disk beads.

disk beads for designer jewelry

Jewelry next………………………..

creating the desert in glass and metal

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