Hollow Glass Beads

What is a hollow bead?

Lampworked beads are made by winding hot glass around a mandrel.  but glass can get heavy.  So a hollow glass bead is a bead that captures a puff of air.  It’s great because it is much lighter.  And these glass hollow beads are great for jewelry.

I first learned to make hollow beads in 2001 from lampwork artist Pam Dugger.  But the technique was to capture the air as you wound the glass around the mandrel.  Sometimes that happened and  sometimes it didn’t.  I’m not sure when exactly, but in the early 2000’s fellow beadmaker Jeri Warhaftig invented a “puffy” mandrel – a tube mandrel that had a hole in it so that you could actually blow a puff a air into the bead.  Genius!  In 2006 I took a another class, this time with Jeri Sheese, to continue learning the technique of making hollow beads.    Hollow beads are fun to make and decorate.  And about 90% of mine are successful.


Hollow Glass Bead



the Boho Collection

I have a collection called “Boho”  that incorporates my hollow beads.  I am adding some simpler designs to the collection – ones that layer nicely with other pieces and can be worn every day.  The beads are smaller but still hollow.  Coming soon in my shop.

boho necklace


creating the desert in glass and metal

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