Year End – Decluttering

If you know me you know that I like organization and spend time each week planning with todo lists.  I find that staying organized helps my productivity.  But I am not immune to clutter, and at the end of the year I like to take some time to declutter the studio and my closet.  I find that if I do not tidy up I sometimes end up buying duplicates of tools or clothing that I already have just because I can’t find what I am looking for. (That happens with books all of the time)

So first of all I decided on decluttering my closet.  I have two closets actually.  The one in the guest room is for off season clothing.  I like to switch clothing in those closets twice a year.  So around Thanksgiving I switched some of the heavier clothing from the guest bedroom to my main closet and the t-shirts and linens went to the guest room.  Tucson does have a winter but there are warm days even in the winter so I don’t like to pack away off seasonal clothing.  Everything is hanging or on shelves for easy access in one closet or the other.  This year I really unloaded a lot of clothing.  I filled 4 huge trash bags for Goodwill and Veterans.  

I really enjoyed reading Marie Kondo’s book about the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.  I highly recommend it.

The first step is to discard.  I take everything out of each closet and sort it – trying things on as I go.  After that I spent time organizing what was left – dresses together, sweaters and jackets together, and pants all together.  Plus they are grouped by color….  Amazing to find things that I had forgotten about.  And to really see what was missing or needed replacing.  I am also amazed by the fact that I can do with less if it is well organized.  So I am saving money too….  

The studio is next…….


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