Ciao (good bye) 2015

ciao 2015 - some photos

2015 in photos

So much to be thankful for in 2015

Good outcome for Jody’s surgery
Shopping the Tucson gem and jewelry shows … with great friends
road trip to Santa Fe … with great friends
Lovely trip to Venice
A tour of the Southwest National Parks…  with great friends
Blooming cacti all spring and summer
Reconnecting with old friends – 50th high school reunion in Amsterdam NY
a trip to Provence
Homer, my furry baby – who turned 12 years old
a Christmas trip on the Danube …  made some new friends
and a lovely quiet Christmas at home …albeit with a cold

It’s good to reflect on the past year and realize how blessed I am

Now I like to take a few days before the new year to contemplate and plan for the next year.

Ciao (hello) 2016

creating the desert in glass and metal


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