Another Saddle Ring

Saddle Ring for Barb

Saddle Ring – with the help of an online class

If you follow my blog you know that I have been making rings.  So when I saw an online class with Leslie Kail Villareal on making her Boho Ring – I signed up.  And I am so glad I did.  I am mainly a self taught metalsmith.  I see something I like, and I read and try to figure out how to accomplish it.  With Leslie’s class I watched her video which made the whole process seem so simple.  It was very challenging and I learned several techniques and improved on some I already had learned.  The ring above is a simple design commissioned by a friend.  She wanted a hammered ring with minimal embellishments.

Saddle ring - boho style

This ring mimicked Leslie’s design more closely.  The silver was etched.  The stone was set on curve.  Lots of embellishments were added.  It is quite the statement ring.

I also made this ring and the etching is the focal point

Inca saddle ring

I have another in the tumbler right now!

creating the desert in glass and metal



  1. Love your saddle rings, are they for sale?

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