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Working on Lots of Projects

I am on a mission in the studio….  teaching myself new techniques and making new jewelry.(and buying the tools to make the projects!!!)  I must have 20 or 30 projects marked in journals that I want to try.  Plus I just finished an online class where I made an awesome “Boho Bracelet”.  But this week I found a step by step tutorial on my desk (while cleaning) for a bracelet called the wavy bracelet that I purchased from Robin Cornelius several months ago.  Robin teaches this project at the Bead and Button Show, but I couldn’t get into her class so I decided to try it from her tutorial.  Anyway, the print out has been sitting on my desk and now that I finished my online class I decided that this week I would work on the wavy bracelet.

the Wavy Bracelet

It’s supposed to be a bangle bracelet, but I mis-measured my silver when I was cutting out the bracelet; so it became a cuff.  And I love it.  I have enough silver for about 5 bracelets so I know what I will be doing over the next few days…  will probably make them bangles and will make them in several sizes.  I set a CZ in this bangle and I love the little glint of bling peaking out.  The patina in the inside of the bracelet is awesome…  what colors!!

wavy bracelet

There are several methods to use to create the fold in the silver.  But I have to say I have been enjoying my vertical vise by Bonnie Doon.

creating the desert in glass and metal


  1. Shirley Walle says:

    Love the Wavy Bracelet. I’ve been taking a peep at anticlastic and sinusoidal forming from the sidelines, a little intimidated. This simple yet elegant piece really gets my creative juices flowing, and adds a bit of a boost to my courage. Thanks for sharing.

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