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picture of Louise LittleFor all their austerity, I find the deserts of the Western United States a beautiful wonderland of nature.  The awesome uncluttered arid spaces are studded with some of the most beautiful flora on earth.  The colors range from muted earth tones to vibrant jewel like hues; and the desert at night sparkles like diamonds.

Art to me has always been an expression of colors and textures. I have been making glass beads since 1997.  This craft called lampworking or flameworking allows me to bring the southwestern deserts to life in the form of glass art beads and ultimately jewelry.

My jewelry is about color and texture found in the deserts of the southwest including those wonderful blooms.  I add metals to the glass to get my desert colors; and I incorporate hand fabricated metals that have been textured for tactile interest.  Working with these materials and gaining inspiration from nature is very exciting.  I like to put these elements together in a piece of jewelry that contains eclectic details with a touch of bohemian chic.  Each piece tells a story.

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