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A little bit about Louise

So it’s 1973 and I was living in Baltimore, Maryland.  I finished college at Johns Hopkins University and was working in a lab at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  A medical student was spending some time in the lab and she was very insistent that I should meet one of her classmates.  She knew us both and thought we would like each other. So a blind date was set up.  Did I really agree to that?

Nothing could be finer than to float down the river on a summer day.   It was the 4th of July and the blind date turned out to be tubing down the Patapsco River in Howard County Maryland.  A lazy float with another couple, drinking Boonesfarm Apple Wine.  Does anyone remember that?  The water was cool and the sun was hot.  But most of all I remember laughing and having the time of my life with a guy who made me smile. And as we drove back to Baltimore the skies lit up with fireworks.


Forty four years later, (yes, I married him), we decided to relive that day in Yuma, AZ.

Here we are getting ready to go tubing down the Colorado River.

Life is Good
La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vida by the way will be the focus of a line of jewelry I am sketching now probably for a spring 2018 release.