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Asymmetry – design technique

Asymmetry – a design style

Asymmetry means without symmetry.  No mirror image.  But it’s a design technique where you still have to achieve balance.  I feel it’s an attention grabbing technique, and most of my designs are asymmetrical.  But you have to plan.  So I usually sketch my design first even though I know I might not always follow that design. You can create balance by offsetting elements with space, creating emphasis with motion, understanding weight, adding focus with color and using a grid for alignment and organization.

I wanted to show off the pendant that matches the earrings from my last post.  So I am going to show you a necklace which is still a work in progress.

I wanted to use chain on one side and some wonderful matte ruby beads on the other side.  I think the ruby beads really compliment the pendant colors.  But the chain side needs another element or two to create the balance I am looking for.  But you will get the idea.. and I will show you the final rendition later on.





creating the desert in glass and metal


Colored Pencils on Metal – earrings

Coloring on Metal

So if you have been following this blog you have seen a few of the pieces I made in a class with Deb Karash where I learned to color metal with pencils.  Very cool!

The class was 4 days so I was able to complete several projects.  Of course I had to make a pair of earrings.

colored pencils on metal earrings

colored pencil earringscolored pencil earrings

And naturally I made a pendant to match… stay tuned


I have been attending the Bead and Button Show since it’s first year in Milwaukee.  In fact I was a vendor off and on for years….  selling my lampworked beads.  For the past several years I was lucky to meet up with 3 great “beader” friends.  We got adjoining rooms and had a blast taking classes, dining at great restaurants, and staying up late just talking.

But this year was a bittersweet year.

One friend couldn’t make it because she is taking care of a sick husband.

I did meet my friend from Chicago.

We were having a great time until a slip and a fall caused her to break her arm.

Back to Chicago for her….  where it’s taken her the whole summer to mend.

And at the time I was unaware of what life had in store for me.

creating the desert in glass and metal

Cactus Bloom

So here is another pendant from the Master Class with Deb Karash at Bead and Button this past June

A Cactus Bloom

these pendants can accommodate different length chains

I like this one short

cactus bloom pendant

cactus bloomcactus bloomcactus bloom

creating the desert in glass and metal

“The truth always comes out…. just ask Richard Nixon”

Master Class

So you might have noticed that I have been missing for a few months

In June 2016 it became apparent that I needed to take some time off from beads and making jewelry

It was not an overt conscious decision that I had planned

It was due to circumstances beyond my control

I will share more of that later….

Call it taking the summer off

to  heal and realign

June 2016……………………

Master Class at Bead and Button

I started June on a happy note…   I  merrily headed out to Milwaukee  to attend the Bead and Button Show ( an annual trek since around 2000) because I was accepted to take a Master Class with Deb Karash.  Deb is a studio jeweler who is known for adding colored pencils to metal.  She fabricates exquisite pieces of jewelry and I have always wanted to learn her technique.  So I spent 4 glorious days drawing on metal.

master class pendant

 This is one of the pendants I created in class

master class pendant closemaster class pendantmaster class pendant

I loved the class

Met some very cool artists

And headed home with lots of ideas on how to incorporate this technique into my work

That journey will start again soon

creating the desert in glass and metal