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Studio Time

So here are some questions I get asked a lot about my studio time…

How often do I get to work in the studio?

Well, I try to get out there at least five times a week.  Working on a project really helps to keep me happy.  Making things with my hands helps me to relax.  And it’s nice to have a finished product eventually.

How many projects do I work on at once?

Well, that depends.  Do I have gallery deadlines?  Am I taking any classes – learning new techniques that need practicing?  So I guess the answer is I usually have several projects going at once.  Sometimes I have an idea and want to make just one prototype before I commit to the design.  This week however I decided to work in a series.  I had created some etched silver awhile back and I wanted to use it in a series of pendants.  I wanted the series to feel cohesive so I decided to work on the five pieces at once.  This approach has worked well for me this week and I am almost finished with the pendants.

Sneak peak

Studio time

creating the desert in glass and metal