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Ciao (good bye) 2015

ciao 2015 - some photos

2015 in photos

So much to be thankful for in 2015

Good outcome for Jody’s surgery
Shopping the Tucson gem and jewelry shows … with great friends
road trip to Santa Fe … with great friends
Lovely trip to Venice
A tour of the Southwest National Parks…  with great friends
Blooming cacti all spring and summer
Reconnecting with old friends – 50th high school reunion in Amsterdam NY
a trip to Provence
Homer, my furry baby – who turned 12 years old
a Christmas trip on the Danube …  made some new friends
and a lovely quiet Christmas at home …albeit with a cold

It’s good to reflect on the past year and realize how blessed I am

Now I like to take a few days before the new year to contemplate and plan for the next year.

Ciao (hello) 2016

creating the desert in glass and metal



Meaning of Feathers to the Native American

Feathers mean a lot to Native American Tribes. A feather isn’t just something that falls out of a bird, it means much more. The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and many more things. To be given one of these is to be hand picked out of the rest of the men in the tribe – it’s like getting a gift from a high official.  To get a feather one must complete a brave or special deed.  The feather must be cared for and it is a daily reminder of how one should behave.  A feather also symbolizes communication with the Spirit and represents the power of air and wind.

My Feather Ring

Years ago I saw someone wearing a feather ring and knew I had to create one.  I finally made one this morning.  It is sterling silver with a dark patina with accents of copper and 14K gold wire.  It’s a great ring for any finger but especially the pinky.

Feathers ring

Feathers ring

creating the desert in glass and metal


Petroglyph Bracelet


Rock art that has been chipped, pecked or etched into a rock surface, into the dark “desert varnish,” or stains, created by runoff of water, is called a “petroglyph.” Rock art, like writing, may have served as storytelling symbols. It was a tangible attempt to portray human hopes and fears and beliefs in something more lasting than the spoken word. Each piece of rock art is like a verse in the long poem of our attempt to come to grips with the elements of both the physical and spiritual landscape in which we live. Rock art creates those verses in stone.

I like to incorporate petroglyphs in my glass beads and jewelry.  Back in 2007 I designed a bracelet which won an award for design.  I had lots of rock art images.

Petroglyph bracelet award

Today I am revisiting those designs and have made another petroglyph bracelet.  This one is fine silver with 22K gold and a beautiful rose cut sapphire from India.

Petroglyph bracelet

This bracelet has a dark patina and a matte finish which really shows off the gold.

creating the desert in glass and metal


More turquoise

Turquoise and lampwork

So here are a few more necklaces with turquoise beads and some of my lampworked beads.


Turquoise heishi beads, lampworked bead and fabricated hammered sterling silver arrow


turquoise and lampwork

close up

turquoise long necklace

turquoise heishi beads and silver, long layering necklace

two layered necklaces

layered turquoise necklaces

turquoise necklace

turquoise necklace with lampwork bead and fold formed brass pod

Soon to be in the shop

creating the desert in glass and metal