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The Circle

A circle is a simple closed curve.

 A circle is a simple shape in Euclidean geometry. circle

And it is a wonderful shape for jewelry.

The Circle Pin

I think I might be so fond of circles because of the circle pin in the 1950’s and 60’s.

circle pin imageEvery body had one and the circle pin had special meanings…

“Circle Pins symbolized undying love.”

The circle symbolizes eternity.

Wearing a circle pin was a way to get “pinned” and show that you are going seriously steady.

Girls would exchange matching pins to show friendship.

 I like to use the circle in my jewelry designs and today I want to share some earrings

circle earring image

Fabricated from sterling silver
the circle measures about 16 mm (just over 1/2″)
hangs just about an inch
so they are delicate and wearable every day
finished with a Swarovski crystal in 4mm light Colorado topaz crystal for a flash of sparkle

See them in my shop

creating the desert in glass and metal


Venice is a city rich in history, art, and architecture – not to mention glass.  I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Venice in part to see all the glass and be inspired, and in part to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  I was not disappointed.

The city is magical.  It is surrounded by water and to get anywhere you walk.  And of course take vaporettos on the canals.

Our hotel was superb – a small venue with just 11 rooms near the Rialto Bridge overlooking the Grand Canal- very central to getting everywhere.

picture of Venice


There is a lacework of canals throughout the city and of course the legendary gondolas.

image of gondola

Very romantic!

While sightseeing it’s wonderful to stop at a small cafe for a coffee or lunch.
and so delightful to drink some water from a Venetian goblet

image of a venetian goblet

I enjoyed the food
image of pizza in Veniceand drink

prosecco     Venitian spritz

and there was glass everywhere

venice glass jewelry

I came home from Venice with lots of inspiration…..  just need to get out to the studio.

creating the desert in glass and metal

Hollow Glass Beads

What is a hollow bead?

Lampworked beads are made by winding hot glass around a mandrel.  but glass can get heavy.  So a hollow glass bead is a bead that captures a puff of air.  It’s great because it is much lighter.  And these glass hollow beads are great for jewelry.

I first learned to make hollow beads in 2001 from lampwork artist Pam Dugger.  But the technique was to capture the air as you wound the glass around the mandrel.  Sometimes that happened and  sometimes it didn’t.  I’m not sure when exactly, but in the early 2000’s fellow beadmaker Jeri Warhaftig invented a “puffy” mandrel – a tube mandrel that had a hole in it so that you could actually blow a puff a air into the bead.  Genius!  In 2006 I took a another class, this time with Jeri Sheese, to continue learning the technique of making hollow beads.    Hollow beads are fun to make and decorate.  And about 90% of mine are successful.


Hollow Glass Bead



the Boho Collection

I have a collection called “Boho”  that incorporates my hollow beads.  I am adding some simpler designs to the collection – ones that layer nicely with other pieces and can be worn every day.  The beads are smaller but still hollow.  Coming soon in my shop.

boho necklace


creating the desert in glass and metal