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Cuff Bracelet

Arizona cuff bracelet

Cuff Bracelet

I really learned a lot with this cuff bracelet project.  I got to use my new guillotine shear from Rio Grande.  I modified a font in Word – so the letters would all touch.  I sawed the word in brass and then riveted it to the sterling silver cuff.

Recently I took an online class to learn cold connections – with Connie Fox.  I also wanted to make a cuff bracelet.  So I sawed out the word “Arizona” in brass.  ( this was a project in Art Jewelry Magazine) That was good practice!  And then I riveted the brass onto a sterling silver cuff – learned that you form the cuff, and then rivet; otherwise the holes would distort.  (thank you Cristina Leonard and Gail Lannum).  I oxidized the silver for a nice contrast with the brass.  And I just love how this piece came together.

It’s fun to find time in the studio to just play…  maybe I should have titled this “what I did on my Christmas vacation”….

creating the desert in glass and metal


2015 January - June

2015 – Planning

I spend the last 2 weeks in December mapping out plans for the next year and reviewing the past year.    but first the WORD for 2015…….


improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it

I’m pretty happy with my business in 2014 but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement or growth.  So I’m gonna be tweaking things in 2015.

I’m starting January off with a silversmithing class with Connie Fox.  My metal techniques are improving, but I want to learn more.  And this class in Phoenix at Beyond the Torch seemed too good to pass up.

I will follow that with a quick trip to Washington DC and a weekend class taught by the Art Business Institute.  I’m toying with the idea of applying to one or 2 of the big wholesale shows and this class will teach me some of the ins and outs.

February is the gem and jewelry shows right here in Tucson.  Aside from shopping I will be taking a class to learn the hydraulic press – do I see another tool in my future?

March I meet up with “THE FRIENDS” in Santa Fe at Bead Fest.  I will take a few classes – one with my favorite instructor  Richard Salley and his assistant Rosy Revolver.

April will be spent with hubby in Venice.  Very romantic – plus I get to check out the glass in Murano.

May will be another alumni trip with Johns Hopkins.  This time a tour of the Southwest.

And June will find me and THE FRIENDS in Milwaukee at the Bead and Button show.  More shopping, wine, and classes, and wine.

Of course lots of bead and jewelry making in all of those months!

More on the second half of the year later…..

I will leave you with a picture of January 1st right here in Tucson

January first snow

creating the desert in glass and metal