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New Bracelet Just for Me

photo of stitched leather bracelet

So I just finished stitching this leather bracelet.  Before I started making lampworked beads, I did a lot of seed bead stitching.  And I still love it.  I find stitching those tiny tiny beads very relaxing.  I also like to incorporate my lampworked beads into stitched designs.  Those designs also inspire other beaders on how to use lampworked beads in their own designs.

But this bracelet is a kit.  Every year I go to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, WI in June.  I meet up with several friends and take a bunch of classes.  This show is where I like to try my hand at some new techniques.  Learn some new things.  Sometimes I can incorporate what I learned into my own work and sometimes not, but I always have lots of fun.  It’s a week to escape from the real world!  Besides classes there is a marketplace for shopping.  And there are so many talented artists out there.  One thing I like to do is purchase kits…  like this bracelet.  I have a lot of kits… and never enough time to work on them.  So this week I took a little break and made this bracelet which is a kit from Laura McCabe.  I was attracted to it because of the colors…  and those cool spiky beads.  I also really enjoyed working on the leather.

So that’s it.  A bracelet just for me.  And now back tot he studio to get some work done.