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Chained Lampwork Beads

Back in January I wrote about handmade chain jewelry – see this post.  I decided that I wanted to create some handmade chain and add  lampworked beads to the design.  So finally after a month (which has been jam packed with projects and events), here is a bracelet of my efforts.  All of the links have been soldered; and with lampworked beads on them that proved to be a little challenge.  But I can’t wait to make more.

lampwork and sterling chain bracelet


Fairy Duster

Fairy Duster Plant

We are still having  warmer than usual temperatures in Tucson this week.  Couple that with the rains last November and plants are blooming early.  This plant is called a fairy duster or Calliandra.  It is an evergreen that blooms several times yearly and loves sun and heat.  The flowers are about an inch and are fluffy and pink.  Another inspiration for my lampworked beads and jewelry.  Bead pictures coming soon.


What mandrel should I use?

Okay so I am sitting at my torch and I decide that I need some beads to put on a 5mm leather cord bracelet that I am planning to make.  There are a large variety of mandrels for lampworkers to use, but sitting there I cannot remember what size mandrel will translate to 5mm.  So I created this handy dandy chart of the common mandrel sizes and the measurement in inches as well as millimeters.  And I’ve added wire, tubing, and drill bit information too.  It sits right next to my lampworking desk.  Now I don’t have to do math so early in the morning.  Hope you find it useful…. Enjoy

Lampworking Mandrel Measurements