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The Cactus Wren is the state bird of Arizona

Blooming Barrels

barrel cactus photo


After a heavy August rain storm this barrel cactus put out some amazing blooms.  Enjoy!

A Monsoon Sunset

tucson sunset photo

The monsoon season is over in Tucson and the reports show that we got less rain than usual even though I think that in our area we got more rain.  I’m thinking our cactii will really bloom next spring.  The sunsets are always beautiful in Tucson and I have even made a series of lampworked beads called Tucson Sunset.  But even on a cloudy monsoon rainy day the sunset can be spectacular as shown in this pic that I snapped.  More inspiration for beads.

Creating the desert in glass and metals………..


OK, I like bling

ruler picture

A ruler with bling

Went to OfficeMax yesterday for a few things and couldn’t resist this blingy ruler.

More Bead Crochet

Bead crochet

Stringing Beads for Bead Crochet

So we are getting ready for a week’s trip on the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.  And I am getting a project ready to take along.  This will be a crocheted necklace with one of my lampworked beads as a focal.  So I will be crocheting 2 pieces.  You can see a small portion is done and I am stringing more beads – one by one – in a pattern I designed.  I used to try to string all of the beads needed for a piece at once; but it was difficult to manage so many beads while crocheting; now I string on a comfortable length to work with and then I make a join when I need more beads.   This is a complicated pattern so stringing the beads is tedious.  I need lots of breaks!  I haven’t made the focal bead yet.  I’m not sure if I want a highly patterned bead or just a simple bead so I am waiting until the crochet part is complete.  Then I will sit down at the torch and make a few beads until I get one that is just right.  I’m also thinking of setting the bead in sterling silver as well as fabricating the bead cap ends for the 2 pieces.  The crocheted pieces are made with 24 beads around so the final diameter of the rope is about 15mm and frankly it’s hard to find caps that big.  I named the pattern “diamondback”.  Can you guess what inspired me?


Creating the desert in glass and metals…..

Crocheting with beads

crochet bracelet with lampworked beads

Crocheted Wrap Bracelet with Lampworked beadsCrocheted bracelet or necklace

I am really delighted with how this piece turned out.  When I travel I can’t work in my studio so I have designed some jewelry that I can work on while traveling.  This piece can be a bracelet that wraps around your wrist 3 times (a very popular look at the moment) or you can wear it as a necklace which hangs at 24 inches.  On this piece I have added a clasp which makes it easy to put on and doesn’t have to be sized to fit over the widest part of your hand as some of my roll on bracelets.  So it fits nicely on the wrist.  It definitely has a Southwest flavor both in colors and patterns.  It is crocheted with Miyuki delica seed beads in 4 luscious colors and finished with 10 of my handmade lampworked beads that have a wonderful opalescence and burst with a rainbow of colors.  The bead caps are copper and etched with a wonderful pattern.

Creating the desert in glass and metal…….