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the Bead and Button Show

Bead and Button ShowIt’s that time of year again….  I am getting ready to head out to the annual Bead and Button Show.  I have been going to this bead extravaganza for 14 years now.  I attended my first show in Portland Oregon when it was still part of the Embellishment show.  That is where I came across handmade lampworked beads for the first time and met an incredible lampwork bead artist.  It is where I decided that I HAD to learn how to make glass beads…..

After Portland, the Bead and Button Show split from Embellishment and moved closer to their home in Milwaukee, WI.   Why do I attend this show?  Well, it is the largest retail and wholesale bead show.  I sold my lampworked beads at this show for many years, and still have clients I met there.  The classes are phenomenal.  The marketplace is unbelievable.  But the main reason I attend now is to connect with all of the wonderful friends I have met along the way on my incredible journey with beads.  Specifically I meet up with 3 close friends.  Yeah, I’m gonna learn a lot of new techniques as I take this opportunity to take classes out of my comfort zone.  And of course will eat a brat or 2.  But the connecting with friends who share my passion of beads and beading takes the spotlight.  I am blessed to have this opportunity every year.  We laugh, we drink lots of wine, share our ups and downs, and come away better people; refreshed and inspired.

This year, though, will be bittersweet.  One of us won’t be able to come as she is taking care of a loved one who is sick.  So I get ready with mixed emotions.  We’ll have fun, drink the wine, learn a lot in classes, shop til we drop.  But the empty chair will be hugh.  I’m thinking we will all be on skype a lot.

Do you have a special getaway?

Another Beautiful Day

Beautiful day


It’s another glorious day here in the Southwest.  I got up extra early this morning as I forget to close the blind all the way; so Homer and I went for our morning walk at 5:30am.  The sun wasn’t quite up over Pusch Ridge so the lighting was glorious, the birds were welcoming the new day, and the rabbits all scattered as I walked down the driveway.  And the sky was that glorious blue.  People think it’s always hot in the desert, but even though it is getting up to 90 in the day, the mornings are still cool and crisp.

This time in May is a little hard for me.  My Mom passed away two years ago this week.  She did not like that we had moved to the desert and brought her here with us.  But all that is another story for another day.  Today is just to perfect to be sad.

I am having 2 friends over today for a little beading workshop.  And I am preparing for the annual “vacation” to Milwaukee, WI to attend the Bead and Button Show where I take a few classes, shop, and visit with lots of friends.

This ocotillo is blooming in my side yard.  Most of them have lost their blooms and some of the ocotillos have even dropped their leaves, but this one just doesn’t want to quit.  It gives me inspiration.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day.

Color Play

Color Play Earrings

I am blessed to be a member of the Desert Artisans’ Gallery here in Tucson.  It is a wonderful gallery owned and operated by local Tucson artists.  I was juried in last year.  Every quarter the show changes which it did just last week.  The theme of the show this time is “Color Play”.  I created 2 new styles of earrings just for this show.  Bright and colorful just in time for summer.

The lampworked beads that I made for these earrings were in colors a little brighter than I usually use, but I’m really loving them.  Which brought up a discussion of color with a friend.

Colors do confer emotion…

Blue – dependable and strength; trustworthy

Red – youthful, bold, and mayber anger

Yellow – optimism and warmth; clarity

Green – peaceful, growth and balance – and don’t forget Emerald is the “color of the year”

Turquoise – communication and clarity of the mind

Orange – cheerful, confidence

Purple – creative, wise

Gray – balance, calm and neutral

So which ones do you like?  What color speaks to you?  I’m wearing the turquoise today.