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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

My word for 2013


1.Move out of or away from something and come into view.
2.Become apparent, important, or prominent

It would be nice to become important or prominent, but my idea of emerging is to get my work out there.  I have lots of ideas for new jewelry lines and I can’t wait to show them to you.    ( I am busy designing and tweaking my website – an ongoing project – but more of that in another post).

In essence my emerging started late in 2012 when I was juried in to a local cooperative gallery here in Tucson.  I have a permanent jewelry display there now; and I work in the gallery one day a month.  I also had an article published in Step by Step Wire Magazine in December – a Painted Desert wire bracelet.

 So my emerging has begun and I want to expand my opportunities.  so I neeed to map out my plan for 2013.

One tool I will use to map out my year is a blank grid with 12 boxes – one for each month.  In each I will map out my plans and goals and dreams.

Before getting specific  on the grid though, a nice exercise is to just write down lots and lots of goals, dreams, desires.  Think that nothing is impossible.  Then I start listing some other stuff…

What are 3 goals I really want to accomplish.  What are 3 techniques that I want to learn or improve upon.   What are 3 things that I will do for “myself” each day.  What are 3 things I will do to improve my health.  Where are 3 places I want to visit.    What 3 things will I gift myself with this year.  What 3 acts of kindness will I do each week.  What are 3 things that I can do to help new jewelry artists.  Find 3 galleries who might want my work.

Finally I fill in the grid with specifics and I am on my way with a map for the new year

Happy New Year!  It’s gonna be a great one!

Custom Orders

I sometimes will take requests for cutom orders.  I’m working on one right now.

Bracelet with bead crochet

I like to crochet at night watching TV

Getting ready to bead crochet

lampworked beads – cafe au lait

seed beads – shimmering sand

fine silver link, sterling clasp

It’s a new year; a new beginning. And things will change


So 2013 is almost here.

But first I want to tell you about one of my success tools of 2012.

Remember my word for 2012 was rebirth.  I had a very successful art bead and jewelry business since 1998; but then life demands eroded my ability to pay the necessary attention to my art work.  Plus, honestly, living in Dayton robbed me of my inspiration.  Then the move to Tucson (while a very happy event for me) toppled my business foundations and I realized I had to start over.  And that seemed overwhelming.

Don’t get me wrong. I was having fun.  I was spending hours in the studio, making beads, experimenting, organizing the studio – putting things away, looking at all those old magazines as I decided where to put them, taking lots of classes. but i really wasn’t running my business.  I didn’t have goals.  I procrastinated on projects and missed deadlines.  I was drifting.  Back in 1998 there was no facebook, pinterest and twitter; and I wasn’t blogging.  I needed help to tame the social media and to move forward again – with purpose.

As I mentioned before, the who and the what that came into my life was Tonya Davidson and her wonderful Artful Success Course.  She really made me think about my business.  What is my brand, who are my customers, did I have a  good foundation to get where I wanted to go.  Where exactly did I want to go?  While she disseminated lots of information and direction, I took little pieces that I could handle and made things happen. Time

Managing my time was the first thing I needed to control.  My husband is retired; I don’t work out of the home; my day is what I want it to be.  I had a lot of time and still didn’t get things done.  Now I have a great system.  I plan my week; I schedule creative time; I designate one day for errands and things outside the home; I schedule those ugly tasks that you just have to do.  And it has made a tremendous difference.  Plus I have time to keep my body healthy; my mind healthy, and time to give back.

I think that the time management was the single important tool that shaped the re*birth of me, my art and my company.  Good bye to-do lists!

So in 2013 I am ready for more, to dream bigger and to accomplish even more.

If you are contemplating your new beginning for 2013 let me leave you with a few questions to ponder.

What do you want to embrace?  What do you need to let go of?  What was the one thing in 2012 that made you happiest?  Who made a difference in your life in 2012?  What are you most grateful for?  What did you achieve?  What did you want to achieve and didn’t.  And what can you change to build on your achievements going forward?

OK, almost time to reveal my 2013 word.  Are you thinking of yours?


Gift Bag

I am giving you my template for my daily management system.  I start every morning filling it in.  And every evening I complete it.  Mine is double sided and goes into a binder.  It was inspired’ of course, by a handout in the Artful Success Program.

Go look under printables, or click here

The Desert is my Inspiration

Some days when I sit down to make lampworked beads I know exactly what I need or want to make.  Other days I pull out some rods and just start to experiment.  Recently I ended up with some purple beads with raised dots.  Just enough for a bracelet.

Purple BraceletThen as I waked back to the house from my studio I noticed this plant in the backyard…

Purple Prickly PearThe desert as my inspiration – again.

The purple prickly pear doesn’t have as many spines as other species and it has a slight jasmine scent which attracts nocturnal insects.  In the spring it produces awesome yellow blooms and then the famous fruit follows later in the summer.  The purple color intensifies in our cooler winter weather.




In my last post I talked about choosing a word instead of making a resolution.  So how does a word really help you travel through your year and reach your goals?  First let me talk about why resolutions don’t work.

We all make vows and resolutions and most of the time we never achieve those goals.  Right?


The main reason I failed in achieving my goals was inadequate planning, setting unrealistic goals, and the stress of being overwhelmed at times – too many things to do… where do I start?  My to do list was very long and I spent a lot of time just moving items to a different day because I had not completed them.  Weeks would go by and I just wasn’t getting things done.  I took a deep breath and realized I had to start at the beginning again and build a solid foundation – for my business and myself.

This all was happening a little over 2 years ago.  We had just retired, moved, and my Mom had just passed away.  I can tell you the best thing I did was take a course from Tonya Davidson called “Building Foundations for Artful Success”.  I learned techniques from her to help me organize myself to build my business, make it profitable, and enjoy myself along the way; plus my creativity increased.  I think I am probably implementing only 20% of what she taught us; but my business profits have gone up 60% last year, my client list has increased 150%, my work is blossoming, and I am ready to respond to opportunities when they arrive at my doorstep.

So back to the word….  The word helps you set your mind to where you want to be or where you want to go and what you want to achieve. ( I actually have a 5 year plan now)  Studies have shown that individuals who plan are more successful.  The word actually helps you achieve a lifestyle change.

And today I am accomplishing more… much much more –  in less time  – and I am in a happy place.

So you might be reading this and saying “but I don’t have an art business”.  The great thing is that these techniques can apply to life in general or to your own specific goals and dreams.

What's your word?

So I challenge you.  What’s your word for next year?  Where do you want to be December 2013?  The same place you are now?  Stay tuned and I will help you get started with a few tools that helped me.  It’s a journey – a great road trip – to a better happier you.  No, I’m not going to teach you Tonya’s class; just give you some inspiration to think about.  And stay tuned for my word for next year and why I chose it.


I’m starting to think about 2013.

What is going to happen?

  What will I make happen?

What roads will I travel?

What friends will I meet?

  Will I laugh?  Will I cry?  Will I be happy?

But before I venture to the year ahead I thought I would reflect on the year that has been.

 the year 2012

First I want to tell you about the “word”.  I have been lucky to have been mentored by a lovely lady here in Tucson.  So instead of writing resolutions last year she asked us to think about a word that would describe the year ahead for us.

My word was



1.The process of being reincarnated or born again.

2.The action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline; revival

Yes, I have been making glass beads and art jewelry for 15 years, but the last few years I pulled back a little.

~~~ My husband retired…  we sold our home in Ohio and moved 2000 miles to Tucson… and my Mom died ~~~

But in 2012 it was time……    for a revival as an artist

And it’s been a great year
Year 2 of retirement for my husband
And a year where I began to create again….

 pictures from 2012


I was busy making lots of hollow beads for the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Shows where I had a booth.


We traveled on a month long expedition to Antarctica.  Wow!  Lots so many penguins.


I reflected on the 13 years of bead making and self published a small book.  It helped me to see where I had been and what I have done.



I got the seed beads out and started to make some beaded beads…  which I combined with my hollow beads and entered some juried call for entries…



we spent 3 weeks in France and Paris – actually rented an apartment – an felt oh so Parisian


What would June Junebe without Mickey, Irene, and Anne and of course Bead and Button


I started a second session with Tonya Davidson of Artful Success, and my business really started to pick up again.



was the juried show at Loew’s Ventana Canyon.


September   I began redesigning my website and really delved into social media.



October was “Happy Birthday to me” and my new medicare card; and a trip to NYC with my husband and our 2 daughters – one week before Sandy.



was a juried show at the fabulous La Encantada Shopping mall in the foothills of Tucson and my acceptance into a co-operative art gallery as well as an online photography course.

And now it’s


and the merriment and excitement of the holidays.

a time to say Thanks.

a time to reflect


a time to look ahead